Transform Customer Experience to new heights.

  • ICICI Lombard

    C-Zentrix Enterprise Suite CRM enabled ICICI Lombard to automate its end to end lead generation process resulting in the Increased Productive Time

  • Pidilite Industries

    C-Zentrix Helped Pidilite To Innovate Around Their Contact Center Strategy And Deliver 24x7 Customer Support

  • NSE

    The support from C-Zentrix team for such critical process where the up time required is 99.99% has been fantastic and we have hardly encountered any challenge in last 3 years of usage. We would highly recommend this solution for putting critical service desk operations /processes of the organizations.

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Key Features

Interaction history

With C-Zentrix Omnichannel now get complete interaction history from all the channels . When customer interacts with any of the channel, agent is aware of all the previous interactions. Agents while interacting with customers or making outbound calls will feel more empowered and have better control over the discussion.

Single sign-on

Forget about having different agents for different communication channels. Now the same agent can be mapped to all the communication channels. This agent once logged-in to one channel will be present in other channels as well. Example: If an agent is logged in to chat, the same agent can also take call and also receive an email. Once an agent is logged in to call or chat, it automatically puts the other channel on break.

Single Queue

The Admin no more has to create different queues for different channels, now the same queue can cater to all the requests from different contact channels be it voice, chat, email etc.

Single dashboard

With multiple communication channels there is the challenge of monitoring these channels separately .The supervisor had to pull out different reports for different queues. With C-Zentrix Omnichannel with single queue, the supervisor just needs to pull out single report which will have data for all the channels. It not only makes supervisor’s life easy but also gives better visibility for monitoring and training purposes.

Detailed agent wise report

Get a detailed report on your agent’s productivity. The same report can now give you agent’s productivity for all the channels. Since the agent is now logged-in to different channels, this report will help you with productivity across channels.

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