Create Healthy Communication For Your Patients

  • SMC India

    Implementation of C-Zentrix provides SMC with 99.5% up time, enhanced security levels and increased productivity.


    C-Zentrix helped Snapdeal manage its customer communication in an effective way providing delightful & seamless customer interactions.

  • Reliance General Insurance

    C-Zentrix has helped Reliance General Insurance Pune BPO to automate its tele-sales activity across the country by the use of C-Zentrix Contact Center Solution and Auto Dialer. We use their platform for lead generation and tele-sales.

In the event of any health camps like eye camps, the missed call solution of C-Zentrix Suite can be used for quick registration of the interested patients for the camp. Critical services like ambulances, blood from blood bank, etc. can be quickly requested by calling this central help desk. A combination of C-Zentrix telephony and C-Zentrix ticketing CRM helps track every single request and makes sure that all requests are closed inside the standard TAT.

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Key Features

Multi-Channel Communication

For patients including phone, email, SMS, chat and social media plugins

Trouble Ticketing Application

For generating automatic compliant ids and extending the complaint to the respective medical department

Standard API Plugins To Hospital Management System

C-Zentrix comes with standard APIs (HTTP based) to plugin to any third party hospital management system

IVR Based Doctor Appointment Scheduling

The doctor's roaster from HMS can be announced over the IVRs using TTS (Text to Speech) and customer can block the doctor\'s time over the IVR.

Missed Call Based Registration For Blood Camps And Eye Donation Camps

Missed call can be used for registration over the phone without incurring any cost. On every missed call a SMS for registration is sent to the patient

Text To Speech Based Medical Report Announcement To The Patients And The Doctors Over Phone

The C-Zentrix contact center solution is integrated with the HMS which stores all medical reports of the customers. The doctor can call on a dedicated internal number to and listen to the medical report of the patient by entering the patient id, after which the report is announced using TTS engine (Text to Speech engine)


For educating patients sitting in remote areas on communicable diseases etc by an expert via mobile phones

Competitive Differentiators

  • IVR based appointment scheduling with the doctor
  • Text To Speech facility for medical report announcement
  • Easy Integration with standard hospital management system.
  • Health specialists can login remotely as contact center agents to take calls from patients
  • Conference bridge for conferencing patients and health specialists sitting in multiple locations

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