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  • NIIT Limited

    With the implementation of C-Zentrix solution, NIIT has seen huge improvement in the TAT (Turn Around Time) to few minutes from few days for connecting to the prospects dropping in from various lead sources.

  • Amity University

    C-Zentrix enabled Amity University tobetter with its prospect, keep track of all its leads ensure faster conversions.

  • NIIT Limited

    Using C-Zentrix has given us lot of leverage for customizing the product and integrating it with our existing lead management system.The C-Zentrix team’s innovative ideas helped us further improve the utility of the solution for our requirements and create value adds for our business team. We never miss a call now. We have benefited from this association. C-Zentrix team is like a partner, I wish them all the very best.

C-ZENTRIX INTELLIZEN suite is specially designed for managing the internal and external communication of educational institutions (colleges, schools and coaching institutes). The suite offers a software platform for handling voice (calls) and non-voice (email,chat and SMS) communication for the institution in a smart way providing 360 degree interface to its students, staff members, parents, administrators and partners.

C-Zentrix suite can plug in to the existing campus management CRMs and databases for providing a personalized communication system for the end users. C-Zentrix offers Complaint Management system, Missed Call solution, Lead Management system, Robo-Call, Call Conferencing solution, PC Screen Logger and Mobile App based Security system all on a single platform hosted in institution's premise.

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Key Features

Multi-Channel Communication

For customers including phone, email, SMS, chat and social media plugin

Trouble Ticketing Application

For managing queries and complaints

Lead management System

To manage all leads flowing for various queries from students and parents in one central system and forward it to C-Zentrix dialer for automated instantaneous calling.

Standard Web Based APIs

For integration with any standard campus management system

Robo Call

For automated dial out and broadcast of critical messages related to exam dates, holidays, disaster management,etc.

C-SAT Survey Module

For doing surveys oncourses success, teacher’s acceptance with students, etc.

Missed Call Platform

For student registration

Screen Logger

For conducting practical exams for computer skills

Conference Bridge

For conducting parents teacher meet or guest lectures.

Competitive Differentiators

  • C-Zentrix Lead Management system for managing leads from multiple sources
  • Robo Calling for automated broadcast of information, exam results or important messages during disaster situation
  • Missed Call solution for student registration for events or admissions
  • Screen Logger for conducting practical exams for computer skills
  • Easy integration with campus management system.

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