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    With the implementation of C-Zentrix solution, NIIT has seen huge improvement in the TAT(Turn Around Time) ....

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    Saket Setu, CMO, C-Zentrix talks about the contribution of C-Zentrix in ICT....

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    Using C-Zentrix has given us lot of leverage for customizing the product and integrating it with our existing lead management system. It was wonderful working with the C-Zentrix team who were patient to our changing needs and requirements and made sure that all the customizations along with the product were delivered as per the agreement..

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APIs to integrate with any third party application (CRM, TICKETING, Payment Gateway) or database

The APIs help IVRs to integrate with any third party application for data exchange for authentication, status, announcements , account details, etc. over the call.

XML based IVR creator for quick design of a complex IVR tree

The XML creator helps the customer create aN NxN level IVR tree In his own as per his requirement.

Inbuilt TTS facility for English

C-Zentrix comes with its own English TTS engine which can be used for converting text to speech and announcing it to the customer.

APIs to integrate to third party TTS and ASR engines

C-Zentrix IVRs come with API support for integration with third party ASR and TTS engine (example: Nuance, etc.)

IVR Features

  • NxN level IVR nodes
  • XML based IVR Creator
  • Real time reporting for IVR nodes
  • Festival facility
  • After Calling hours IVR flow
  • APIs for integration with third party applications and databases integration
  • APIs for payment gateway integration
  • PCI DSS certified
  • Robo Call facility
  • ASR and TTS facilities

Competitive Differentiators

  • No separate hardware port for IVR; works as a software port
  • Customizable after calling hours call routing and messaging plans
  • Detailed IVR reporting with node traversal details for every call
  • Email and SMS push available on an IVR trigger

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