Always Available For Your Customers

  • Mega Cabs

    India's fastest radio taxi service gets faster with C-Zentrix Call Center Solution

  • Redbus

    C-Zentrix helped Redbus achieve a very low call abandon ratio and maximum call connect rate, leading to significant increase in customer satisfaction.

  • Carwale

    C-Zentrix has helped us in setting up the dialer solution in a very timely and cost effective manner. I think their biggest USP is that they are themselves doing the services of the product which removes lots of delay in setting up the systems, which otherwise would have happened if there was a third party in middle. We are confident of their solution and would recommend to anybody wanting to have a cost effective dialer solution.


Administrators can create customized rules for load balancing the calls across multiple ACDs. E.g Administrator can create a rule which asks the C-Zentrix gateways to always transfer the call to the ACD where the queue wait time for the customer wont be beyond 10 seconds. 

The agent login server automatically switches the agents from the main ACD to the backup ACD in case of the main ACD going down.

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Key Advantages

High Availability

High Availability at the Agent Login Server, Gateway Server and ACD Server for 99.999% uptime for C-Zentrix Customer Engagement Solution

Auto Switch Over

Auto Switch Over for high availability from main server to the backup server. This failover mechanism works seamlessly for any hardware fault on the main server

Software based Load Balancing

Software based Load Balancing for Calls on the Gateway and Agent Logins on the login server for optimized hardware and software resource utilization.

Fully customizable load balancer rule

Fully customizable load balancer rule for call routing to various ACDs from the gateways based on various parameters like queue wait time, DNIS, IVR selection, number of repeat calls from the customer in a fixed time etc.

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