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    C-Zentrix helped Snapdeal manage its customer communication in an effective way providing delightful & seamless customer interactions.

  • NIIT

    With the implementation of C-Zentrix solution, NIIT has seen huge improvement in the TAT(Turn Around Time) to few minutes from few days for connecting to the prospects dropping in from various lead sources.


    C-Zentrix has been an involved partner with us for last 2 years in providing end to end solution for customer support services.Their capability to integrate their solution with order booking engine and online web portal really gives an advantage to online business like us. I would recommend them to any E-Commerce company in India or abroad which wants to have a robust customized solution for their help desk.

 The C-Zentrix Predictive dialer makes sure that even on a worst quality lead list your agents are able to get a decent connect and that the leads are churned out as quickly as possible. The C-Zentrix predictive dialer is one of the most adaptive as well as the easiest to use with very simple configuration steps and an intuitive user interfaces for the administrator. The skill based predictive dialing helps customer to optimize the utilization of the Tele-Callers on the floor and handover relevant leads to the relevant Tele-Caller.

The advanced Rule Based Dialing helps users to go beyond standard predictive algorithm and create their own algorithms for dialing based on region, demography or simple rules like LIFO (Last In First Out) or FIFO (First In First Out) which can be used as per the business needs.

 The Predictive mode comes with inbuilt progressive, preview (normal and auto) and manual mode of dialing. The third party Lead sources like website, CRM, LMS, SMS, etc. can be integrated for the leads to directly flow to the C-Zentrix Dialer for a real time connect.

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Key Advantages

Skill Based Dialing

Multiple skills can be set for a Tele-Caller for outbound predictive dialer mode. Skills can be language, product expertise, etc. The file containing leads would have the skills detail so that when a call is connected then its routed to the right skilled agent on the floor.

Auto pacing

Auto pacing for Predictive Dialing (manual pacing also possible).

Dialing Modes

Facility to switch between different dialing modes (Manual/Preview/Progressive/Predictive) seamlessly at the agent level.

Web based interfaces

Complete web based interfaces for configuration and management

Telnet Based Access

Telnet based access for live monitoring of the call flow

Bulk Rescheduling of and Re-Churning

Facility for bulk rescheduling and re-churning of leads from the administrator interface

Strict mode for Call backs

Strict mode for call back so that the call is connected to the same agent who the customer spoke with the first time.

Call Back Rules

Call back rules based on standard switch level disposition as well as customized disposition as set by the dialer administrator

Rule Based Dialing

Rule based dialing with default rules like LIFO and FIFO or even customized rules as created by the administrator.

Call Blending

Call blending possible with the Predictive Dialer (same agent can take predictive/progressive/preview/manual outbound as well as inbound calls when free)

Dialer Features

  • Predictive, Progressive, Preview and Manual dialing
  • Skill based dialing
  • Auto rescheduling
  • Auto re-churning
  • Strict calling
  • Auto pacing
  • Pure call blending
  • Rule based dialing
  • Lead source integration
  • Complete web based real time management

Competitive Differentiators

  • Skill based Predictive Dialing
  • Rule Based Predictive Dialing
  • FIFO and LIFO as Default rules
  • Web Based Management
  • Remote Agent Facility
  • Lead Source Integration

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