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  • SMC India

    Implementation of C-Zentrix provides SMC with 99.5% up time, enhanced security levels and increased productivity.


    C-Zentrix helped Snapdeal manage its customer communication in an effective way providing delightful & seamless customer interactions.

  • Reliance General Insurance

    C-Zentrix has helped Reliance General Insurance Pune BPO to automate its tele-sales activity across the country by the use of C-Zentrix Contact Center Solution and Auto Dialer. We use their platform for lead generation and tele-sales.

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Key Advantages

Conference on any network

The tele caller can take a supervisor into a conference call with the customer at any point of time in call. Supervisor might be logged in as an agent from the same network as the tele caller or might be available on any TDM, GSM or IP network.

100% Recording for the entire conference call

The entire conference call is recorded and tagged under the same unique reference number (Unique Id) as the original call for reference. Detailed reporting (real time and historical) along with the voice recording is available immediately after the conference call is over.

Agent can leave the conference call to take other calls

Agent can leave the conference call initiated by him and take other calls in the queue while the customer and the supervisor can go ahead talking in the conference call.

Call Conferencing Features

  • Single Agent Window Control for conferencing
  • 100% call recording
  • Detailed reporting for agent and callers separately
  • Tagged with the same session id as the original call for an easy access and reporting

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