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  • SMC India

    Implementation of C-Zentrix provides SMC with 99.5% up time, enhanced security levels and increased productivity.


    C-Zentrix helped Snapdeal manage its customer communication in an effective way providing delightful & seamless customer interactions.

  • Reliance General Insurance

    C-Zentrix has helped Reliance General Insurance Pune BPO to automate its tele-sales activity across the country by the use of C-Zentrix Contact Center Solution and Auto Dialer. We use their platform for lead generation and tele-sales.

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Key Features

Skill based routing

Multiple skills (up to 40 different skills) can be set for a tele caller in inbound or outbound including predictive dialer or blended mode. Skills can be languages, product expertise, etc.

Set Priority

Skills can be prioritized as per the tele caller’s expertise.For example when two tele callers with English speaking skills are free to take calls then the ACD will always connect the call to a tele caller with higher English speaking skill which signifies agent's better command over the language.

Custom queue time out and queue messages

Custom queue time out and queue messages can be updated by the administrator of the system.

Multiple queues support

Multiple queues support on a single ACD. Administrator can create multiple campaigns or queues as per his business requirement and agents can login to a single queue or multiple queues at the same time as per the need. Calls landing in a particular queue only get connected to particular agents who are part of that queue or campaign

Queue Time and Position

Queue position and queue time announcement

SLA based call routing by ACD

Administrator can fix certain SLAs by themselves.For example queue wait time of not more than 15 seconds. In case a customer has to wait beyond 15 seconds then his call will be disconnected with a message and a commitment for an auto call back in a certain fixed time. The number will be pushed to the auto dialer of C-Zentrix which will automatically dial the number and connect to the tele caller with the relevant skill.

ACD Features

  • Skill based routing
  • Roaming agents
  • Prioritization of skills
  • Queue message
  • Queue time out settings
  • Call distribution settings like FIFO, LIFO, etc. in case when no skills has been defined
  • Queue announcements (time to wait and position)
  • Custom MOH (Music On Hold) for each queue
  • Call transfer facility
  • Screen transfer facility
  • Real time and historical reporting for each call in the queue
  • Live barge in of calls including auto barge in facility
  • Whispering of the caller id to the tele caller before connecting the calls

Competitive Differentiators

  • Live barge in to the calls with auto barge in facility
  • Call transfer as well as screen transfer is available
  • Roaming agents: Agents can login to the ACD from any workstation
  • Auto call back on abandon calls in the ACD
  • Auto SMS and email push in case of any call based trigger

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